Andrew McHugh

Dairy Farmer from Longford – saved €9,025

The Smart Farming team examined soil fertility, energy use, grassland management, water use, feed, inputs, waste, time, and machinery management on Andrew’s farm and identified savings of €9,025

Watch Andrew outline his Smart Farming experience and outcomes at the Citizens Assembly meeting on Climate Change


Grassland – €3,800 saving

  • Reseeded 37 acres of grass
  • Target 51,162kg extra milk from increased grass production

Feed – €1,530 saving

  • Better use of animal feed by adjusting feeders to rectify incorrect quantities being fed in the parlour leading to wastage
  • Increase DMD of silage and reduce concentrate supplementation
  • 1 week earlier turnout of stock

Soil fertility – €800 saving

  • Soil sampling farm and tailored fertiliser requirements
  • Reduce amount of fertiliser used (chemical P)

Energy – €1,528 saving

  • Maximise plate cooler
  • Compare electricity suppliers
  • Reduce hot water useage for washing
  • Use low energy bulbs in lights
  • Install variable speed vacuum pumps

Machinery – €1,528 additional

  • An allowance must be made to replace older machinery; this was not previously in the budget

Time management – €0 saving

  • Careful assessment of time taken for tasks throughout the year
  • Contract out tasks to concentrate time on milking, grassland management and cow care

Water – €3,812 saving

  • Target 10% increase in milk yields by adding 10 extra water troughs
  • Fitting Solenoid Switch on plate cooler to reduce water useage

Inputs & waste – €550 saving

  • Reduction of collected surface water
  • Proper collection and storage of chemicals, etc.
  • Wilting of silage – reduce disposal costs
  • Correct and safe disposal of hazardous materials

Total Savings – €9,025

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