Smart Farming offers savings of up to €5,600

Reduce your GHG Emissions by up to 9%*

1. What is Smart Farming?

The Smart Farming programme focuses on eight key areas that offer the greatest savings to farmers and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions at farm level. The programme aims to save participants €5,000 through introducing resource efficiency measures on their farm.

2. Why would you take the Smart Farming challenge?

By participating you will receive a free resource efficiency assessment with tailored advice from an agronomist for your farm business. You will also receive a cost-saving study, silage quality analysis, domestic water analysis, carbon navigator and nutrient management plan free of charge.

3. What is involved?

The Smart Farming agronomist will visit your farm and work with you to find ways to save money and take practical actions to improve resource management. You will be asked to provide some information e.g. electricity bills, farm receipts and the results of any recent soil/silage/water tests.

4. Who can take part in the Smart Farming Programme?

Any farmer who is looking for advice on changes they can make to farm more sustainably. Smart Farming participants have improved resource efficiency, reduced costs and cut their emissions. *Farmers that participated in Smart Farming in 2020 identified average cost savings of €5,600, and average greenhouse gas emission reductions of 9%.

5. When can I take part?

We are currently accepting registrations for the 2021 Smart Farming programme. If you want to avail of a free resource efficiency assessment and cost savings report then register by email at [email protected] or call 01 4260343 or register using the form on this page. 

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